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About Us

The LR Consulting Ltd. was established in April 2002, our main filed of activity is business consulting.

Nowadays, due to the keen competition more and more companies focus on their fundamental activities and assign tasks requiring special skills to contractors.
Outsourcing the functions, that can be executed by external experts more efficiently with better conditions and on shorter terms, is more than a cost-cutting tool. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, the company can concentrate its resources on its core business, which results improvement of services and greater productivity. Thus, sometimes outsourcing may be the vital question of profitable operation especially for micro, small and medium-size enterprises.

Our company provides the ideal solution… We offer business consulting from strategic planning to execution of operational tasks with our highly qualified and motivated colleagues experienced in the service industry in the field of finances, human resources management and sales & marketing, altogether with our
part-time consultants and professional partners.

According to our mission and most important objectives, we would like to achieve the confidence of our Partners by correct and professional completing of our duties so that we can establish and support a mutually prosperous long-term cooperation.

Rita Lepsényi
Managing Director

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"Success is simple.
Do what's right,
the right way,
at the right time."

(Arnold Glasow)