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Is it hard to find your way around the labyrinth of laws changing year-by-year? Do you think that employing a full-time accountant is too expensive, as above the labour costs you should spend on your employee's continuous training as well? Do you have difficulties in controlling the work of your employee? Do you want to avoid paying penalties and default fines ?

We know the answer… We will keep you informed about the laws concerning
your firm, we provide professional accounting and payroll processing services
and ensure the precise completion of returns, e-returns and reports in time.
As a quick, smooth, and easy solution, upon your request we forward your
reports in the desired form by e-mail as well. We offer the following accounting
and payroll services:

Book-keeping of Enterprises
provide consulting before foundation of a company
manage the accounting process, file, code and record vouchers
prepare petty-cash and bank, accounts payable and receivable analytics,
manage tax- and contribution analytics, maintain fixed assets registration
manage payroll processing and social insurance administration
execute general ledger closures,
upon request make reports on monthly or
quarterly basis in the desired form
prepare year-end Disclosure Statement including Balance Sheet,
Profit and Loss Account, and the Supplement to the financial statement
prepare and send monthly, quarterly, yearly on-line tax returns on VAT,
corporate tax, solidarity tax, municipal tax, PIT and contributions,

vocational and rehabilitation contributions, etc.

Business Administration
frame accounting policy, scheme of accounts, order of voucher handling
define policy of cash handling
work out the rules of assets and liabilities evaluation, procedures of inventory

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"I am indeed rich,
since my income
is more than my expenses,
and my expenses
are in line with my wishes."

(Edward Gibbon)