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Useful Links of Accounting Services and HR

Ministry of Finance
operative laws, regulations and proposals

Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour
the most important laws on labour related to employment, vocational training, etc.

APEH - State Tax Authority
tax schedule - deadlines for tax and contributions returns, statistics, payments
and subvention requests
bank accounts for tax and contributions returns and payments
change of official minimum wage from 1998
change of personal income tax rates from 1988
rates of social and health insurance contributions and pension contributions,
employers' and employees' contributions from 1998
fuel rates and consumption norms of motorcars running with gasoline, diesel oil, and natural gas according to the cubic capacity of the engine from 1998

useful information, downloads on the website of the National Health Insuarance Fund (OEP) and the Central Administration of National Pension Insurance (ONYF)

Hungarian Central Statistical Office
uniform classification of business activities by economic sections (TEÁOR) and list of services (SZJ) on the website of KSH (Hungarian Central Statistical Office)

Central Bank of Hungary
change of central bank base rates from 1990, query of official exchange rates by interval, annual data from 1949

Currency Converter
online currency converter

HR portal
on-line journal of HR professionals

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"I am indeed rich,
since my income
is more than my expenses,
and my expenses
are in line with my wishes."

(Edward Gibbon)