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Rates of Accounting Services

Accounting  Services Rates Request for Proposal

The rates of accounting services are determined by the characteristics of the enterprise (for example fields of activity, direction of business relations, annual revenue, num ber of employees), and the duties that should be completed (like average number of vouchers in a month, frequency of tax returns, data supplies, etc.).

The following fees are only for your information, if you wish to ask for a tailor-made proposal, please fill our questionnaire form.

Individual enterpreneurs, EVA entities: from HUF 15.000 / month
Double-entry book-keeping (Bt., Kft.): from HUF 30.000 / month
Year-end disclosure and tax return: + 1 monthly fee
Accounting policy: upon special request
Advising and consulting: HUF 5.000 / hour
Payroll Processing and Social Insurance Administration,
Personnel Administration
Payroll processing if the company
is not a Social Insurance Pay Office:
from HUF 2.500 / person / month
Payroll processing and social insurance administration if the company
is a Social Insurance Pay Office:
from HUF 3.500 / person / month

The above prices are valid in 2010, and do not include VAT.

We collect your vouchers in your office free of charge.

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