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Request for Proposal of Accounting Services

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Please fill out the following questionnaire form, so that we could be informed about your requirements; we shall send our proposal in 24 hours.

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Bank Statements:
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Number of Fixed-Assets:
Number of Company Cars:
Basis of VAT Returns:
Basis of Other Tax Returns:
Preceding Book-keeping:
Payment of Taxes, Tax Accounts:
Accounting Policies and Procedures:
If you need payroll processing as well, please fill in the following fields:
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Type of Payroll Processing:
HR Policies and Procedures:
Other Services required:
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Thank you for completing our form!

Your data given above will be handled confidentially, will not be forwarded to third party and will be used only for preparing the required proposal.

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"I am indeed rich,
since my income
is more than my expenses,
and my expenses
are in line with my wishes."

(Edward Gibbon)