Deadlines in Wedding Organising

Deadlines in Wedding Organising

Organising the wedding of your dreams will take a lot of time and enormous energy,
thus the perfect organisation would need months. This wedding calendar will help you to schedule the tasks, though the deadlines may vary depending on the place and time of your wedding or on your special desires.

12-9 months before the wedding
announce your engagement
select a date for your wedding
put together a draft guest list
set a financial range and budget, decide on cost-sharing
consider hiring a wedding organiser
select and reserve wedding venue for the reception, choose menu & drinks for the gala dinner
screen and book the music band for the party
screen and hire a ceremony master
screen and book wedding photo- and videographers for your event

8-6 months before the wedding
decide about the ceremonies, make an appointment at your Registrar and the Church
decide about witnesses
develope a theme and colour scheme for your wedding
choose and order the bridal dress and veil, your second dress, find clothing for the groom,
choose the accessories and shoes as well
choose the witnesses, bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen's clothing
find hotel for out-of-town or foreign guests, arrange their accommodation
research honeymoon destinations

5-4 months before the wedding
start planning your honeymoon
complete and finalise guest list
choose and order your wedding invitations and stationery (seating and menu cards, etc.)
contact and book transportation, wedding car and buses for the guest for the wedding day
choose the special entertaining show elements (fireworks, pigeons, balloons. etc.)
set up your gift registry

3-2 months before the wedding
obtain a marriage licence, certificates for baptism, if needed, order the official translations
of the documents
plan the order of the civil ceremony and the church wedding
send invitations and invite close relatives personally
screen and book weeding florist, decide about decoration
choose and order wedding favours with thank-you notes
make appointments at your hairdresser and beauty specialist for hair, makeup and nails,
set up your wedding style, try and find out your best look together

1 month before the wedding
shop the wedding accessories (ring pillow, guest book, etc.)
choose and order the Wedding Cake
meet with the wedding organiser and / or ceremony master, the photo- and videographers
to discuss
the wedding script and check the process

2 weeks before the wedding
go to your bachelor or bachelorette party
create a seating plan

In the week of the wedding
pick up bride's and groom's wedding clothing and make sure that everything fits
put together wedding favours and thank-you notes
finish packing your suitcases for the honeymoon

One day before the wedding
prepare dresses, shoes and the accessories together
have a massage and go to bed early

On the wedding day
let your wedding organiser manage everything, and enjoy the events and have a great,
stress free and memorable wedding day

After the honeymoon
send a thank-you card with photos for all your guests