Rates for Wedding Organising

Rates for Wedding Organising

Starting with, we would like to dispel an illusion: wedding organising is never
free of charge! The knowledge, experience and hard work of a wedding consultant
and thus the organising fee is either paid by suppliers, when the commision given to the consultant is included in the price, or in the other case it is the wedding organiser who charges the consulting fee directly to the couple.

We are convinced that the latter method is more straight, so with us there will be no built-in commisions or hidden costs in the wedding budget. Our vital intention is finding the trustworthy suppliers who works with the most attractive price to value ratio and whose offer best suits to the demands of the couple. For this reason we have to stay independent by rejecting commisions from the service providers. Due to our business connections and routine our aim is to make the
best price bargain with the most proper suppliers in the name of the couple. The cost of wedding organising depends on the services required, we offer several possibilities:

Wedding Consulting
If you would like to organise your wedding by yourself and you need only advises, we offer
personal wedding consulting service when we give you ideas to your wedding concept and the organising process and help to find the requested suppliers.
The fee of wedding consulting is HUF 5.000 / hour including VAT.

Personal Coordiantion on the Wedding Day
On the day of the wedding we personally coordinate the process according to the script and we make sure that everything would go smooth and easy. During the day we are always one step
before the couple: we check the venues and control the suppliers to ensure that all are aware of
their tasks and deadlines. Personal coordiantion on the wedding day is free of charge if we organise the whole wedding, otherwise we charge HUF 10.000 / hour including VAT for at least 10 hours - in this case the service fee also includes the preparation of the wedding script and the related consulting before the wedding.

Wedding Organising
If you need partial or full service wedding organising, we give you a tailor-made offer according to your needs surveyed by a personal meeting.