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Payroll Outsourcing, HR Management

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Due to the size of your company, it is not reasonable to employ a
full-time HR manager? Or on the contrary, your business has reached
the critical growth when it gives more and more tasks to take care about your employees? Do you want to avoid the uneasy moments and the extra charges caused by the mistakes and shortcomings discovered during a tax or a labour supervision? Would you like to enhance the efficiency and motivation of your employees?

The ideal solution for the above problems is the outsourcing of HR activities, thus you do not have to bother about personnel management, payroll processing, social insurance & private funds administration and internal PR. Our consultants assume your HR management tasks ranging from payroll processing to team building, whole or in part depending on your needs. We are at your disposal with the below services in payroll and HR management outsourcing:

Personnel Administration
discharge all duties arising from the commencement and termination of
employment, prepare labour contracts, job descriptions
maintain records of human resources administration system including
personnel administration and the management of private- and voluntary
pension and health insurance funds (holiday, sick-leave, NYENYI, payroll,
personal income tax files)
manage the employment process of foreign employees

Payroll Processing and Social Insurance Administration
develop, implement and manage cafeteria benefit system
perform monthly payroll processing of salaries, income tax, social and health
insurance, and other allowances and deductions, deliver monthly pay-slips,
net wage, tax and contributions bank transfer lists, post payroll data for the
general ledger
if the company is a Social Insurance Pay Office, perform sick-pay processing,
review the claims and grant of family compensations like prenatal aid and
child care benefit (GYED)
if the company is not a Social Insurance Pay Office, supply data for sick-pay
claims to the National Health Insurance Fund
prepare tax and contribution e-returns (PIT, social insurance contribution
payable by employer, individual health-care and pension insurance
contributions, employer's and employee's contribution, vocational and
rehabilitation contributions), make statistical reports
prepare yearly personal income tax and contribution returns, and provide
certificate on annual income

HR Marketing, Internal PR
work out HR policies and procedures, corporate bylaws
accomplish performance assessment
carry out opinion surveys of employees, and according to the results make
proposals for packages to enhance the performance and motivation,
commitment and satisfaction of employees
arrange neccessary trainings and courses, organise special internal PR events


"If you know
what drives people,
you can achieve