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Useful Links in Marketing

Marketing Management Marketing Communication & PR Consulting Useful Links

online directory of newspapers (daily, weekly, monthly newspaper and
magazines) radios and televisions broadcasting nationwide and local,
exhibitions, fairs and other events, outdoor media; search by several queries (county, city, publisher, organiser, category, etc.) on the website of
Média Ász - only in Hungarian

Kreatív Online
online version of Kreativ Magazin with up-to-date infomation for marketing and commucation professionals, articles, databases, forums, opinions
- only in Hungarian

BTL - Below the Line Magazin
the online marketingcommunication magazine informs about the local events
and international trends of marketing management in articles, assays,
statistics reports and case studies, updating the information several times a day
- only in Hungarian

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"Cheshire Puss
- began Alice
Would you tell me, please,
which way I ought to go
from here?
That depends
a good deal on
where you want to get to.
- said the Cat"

(Lewis Caroll)