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Marketing Communications Consulting

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Good wine needs no bush… And what about your business, and your product, or service?

If you believe that nowadays in the dump of goods and services, even the best wines need bush, then you are in the right place. We believe it too…
We are at your service with marketing communications and PR consulting
from work out of strategic plans and creative concepts to execution of integrated marketing communication campaigns and measurement of effectiveness.

We are specialised in tourism consulting and cultural projects.

Marketing Communications Consulting
analyse the current situation, define objectives and target groups,
create messages
execute media research, define media according to potential target group
circulation, frequency of publication, audience
do media planning and optimisation, choose the best suitable media mix fitting
to potential target group (ATL/BTL media), determine the schedule of insertion
design layouts and do copywriting, handle media buying, keep contacts
with media representatives, do proof-reading
co-ordinate the execution of brochures and prints, outdoor and indoor media
manage DM and telemarketing campaigns
do copywriting of DM letter, manage database, print letters and send by post
or e-mail, follow up with software support that helps measurement of
effectiveness and feedback)
organise and conduct Sales Promotion actions
plan and co-ordinate the execution of PR and communications campaigns
manage web marketing and on-line communications
co-ordinate the execution, keep contact with business partners
media buying, printing, event organising, etc.
complete marketing budget controlling, measure effectiveness, make feedback

PR Consulting
set up internal and external PR strategies, develop corporate identity
(print and online), compile CI Manual
develop sponsorship management policy, search for potential sponsors
organise PR events and do event marketing by providing full-service event
organising (product launches, corporate events, partner parties, press
conferences, etc.)
manage press connections, issue press releases
create news, write PR articles, organise press conferences,
make press monitoring, arrange interviews, photo and film shootings
edit print and on-line newsletters, corporate magazines

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"Good wine
needs no bush."

(William Shakespeare)