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Tourism Consulting and Tourism Marketing

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Do you plan to start a business in tourism? Would you open a pension,
a hotel, a café, or a restaurant, or rather do you intend to develop your existing venture? Would you change your strategy, or your business mix? Are you looking for new partners, or would you like to keep the old ones? Would you like to focus on your guest relations and corporate communications? Finally, for the sake of success, would you strengthen your sales team with a representative in Budapest?

Our specialised consultants with a thorough knowledge of tourism market are
at your disposal in business development and project management from market analysis to strategy definition and execution.
Upon your request we prepare integrated tourism plans and tourism development projects, work out feasibility studies and business plans, marketing plans of tourism projects. In the frame of a long-term co-operation by outsourcing all of your marketing and communications activities we can also manage your annual marketing budget.
We provide the forthcoming services in tourism consulting:

Integrated Tourism Development
analyse tourism demand and supply, forecast the trends
study the macro- and micro environment of the project, execute SWOT and
competitors' analysis
set up business strategy based on multi-level concepts of national, regional and
local tourism development plans, set up strategic objectives, do market
positioning and segmentation, define target-groups, execute target-group
oriented product development
develop the business plan containing
marketing, human resocurces
and financial plans, work out operational action plans

Tourism Marketing Plans
define mission statement
study the business environment, do market analysis,
execute SWOT and
competitors' analysis, determine USPs
set up strategic objectives, do market positioning and segmentation,
define business mix and target-groups
develop marketing mix containing product, price, place and promotion policy
(target-group oriented product development, price and distribution channel
policy, revenue management, communication policy, PR and Sales Promotion
work out action plans, co-ordinate the
prepare marketing budget, complete marketing controlling

Representation of Hotels
represent countryside hotels, pensions and other tourism ventures in Budapest
provide sales, marketing & PR consulting and management of annual budget
keep contact with business partners, travel agencies, corporate partners,
search for new partners, plan and execute DM and telemarketing campaigns,
sales blitz
manage press relations, keep connection with media representatives and

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